Impeccable video chunk and distribution technology to create a decentralized platform.

Decentralized video storage and sharing platform

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Filok Infrastructure

Filok platform is designed to provide users with the ability to store their video content in a decentralized cloud space, view other users' videos, sell video content (training courses and guides, videos with limited distribution, etc.). Storage of video content will be distributed on users' computers in the form of individual pieces (chunks). To avoid losing a part of the content fragments, the stored video pieces will be stored simultaneously on several (from 1 to 5) computers of on-line users. This will allow optimizing geographically to achieve the highest download speeds. Since the video will be split into very small fragments (chunks), which will also be encrypted and mixed between different users, no one who stores other people's videos will be able to access them.

In order to balance the number of users who store video content and those who use it, we will use the same name coin - Filok. With the help of the coin, you can receive payment for storing content on your computer, pay for storing your video, as well as buy and sell paid video content. For the issue of coins, the PoS algorithm will be used, as one of the least energy-consuming and efficient.

In the future, it is possible to cooperate with third-party companies operating in the industry of video content, as well as its storage and distribution.

One Filok unites them.
Filok for Video Content Creators
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The Roadmap
  • Running a coin and blockchain
  • Coin wallet release
  • Listing on MNO
  • Listing on the Exchange
  • Release of the service platform for storing video content
  • Advertising campaign to attract users
  • iOS wallet launch
  • Release of the service for the sale / purchase of video
  • Signing partnership agreements with similar platforms (for exchange and cooperation)
  • Carrying out a marketing campaign to attract new users and business partners
  • Conducting seasonal Christmas sales
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and distribution of video files.

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